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About Guangzhou Building Materials Exhibition in April 2023

Jun 14, 2024

Dear exhibition visitors and exhibitors

Guangzhou Building Materials Exhibition is committed to creating a "design ecosystem for the home furnishing and construction industry". During the exhibition, multiple large-scale design themed exhibitions and design conference forums were held, aiming to form a design ecological loop that showcases front-end design concepts, commercial transformation and application of mid-range design works, back-end design works, and exchange of design ideas in the industry. This will assist in the transformation, upgrading, and further development of the home furnishing and construction industry.

It is a great honor to be with all of you at this exhibition. Guangzhou Guose Company is a company with over 20 years of professional manufacturing experience in container houses and has passed IS0 certification. We are a prefabricated construction company dedicated to prefabricated box houses, cabin homestays, light steel houses, and trailer RVs. Our high-quality equipment ensures product quality and process standards. In this exhibition full of opportunities and challenges, our goal is to stand out, attract more potential customers, and deepen the brand's impression in the market.

At the exhibition, we actively communicated with customers and peers, showcased our products, and every attempt was an opportunity for learning and growth. We communicated with customers from all over the world and negotiated many potential cooperation projects. Through booth displays, product demonstrations, and explanations, customers have shown strong interest in our products and expressed their desire for further cooperation. We have also engaged in exchanges and cooperation with peers in multiple industries, learning from and drawing on each other, promoting healthy competition in the industry.

Through our participation in this exhibition, we not only expanded the market, increased customer resources, but also deepened our understanding of the product market and improved our service level. In future work, we will further improve our products, enhance the quality of our services, continuously enhance our market competitiveness, and stand undefeated in the fierce market competition!

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